​​​​​East Surrey CCG placed under legal directions​

​East Surrey CCG has been notified by NHS England (South) that due to our ongoing financial challenges, we are being placed under legal directions. 

Dr Elango Vijaykumar, Chair of NHS East Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group,​ said,

“East Surrey CCG appreciates this acknowledgement by NHS England of the very significant challenges we face. We have delivered to NHS England ambitious plans for our financial recovery and we have undertaken significant work to increase the organisation’s capacity and strengthen our ability to deliver.

“We have faced significant financial challenges since our inception, which have continued to grow as a result of increased demand for healthcare.  In spite of these challenges, we have worked with our partners to put patients first and deliver high quality care for local people. We remain in the top 20% for clinical quality outcomes and the best in the country for reducing the amount of time people unnecessarily spend in hospital.

“We would like to acknowledge the strenuous efforts made by our member practices and our central team to deliver these outcomes in challenged circumstances.

“We can only deliver financial recovery with significant transformation of local health services, which cannot be done in isolation. This absolutely requires collaborative working with our neighbouring commissioners and acute, community and social care providers, as well as with NHS England.”​